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    How to Make a Dll (Tutorial) C++


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    How to Make a Dll (Tutorial) C++

    Post by [zT]CheatCreatorz on Wed Feb 09, 2011 4:36 am

    First Go On Your Compiler And Click New Project,
    There Should Be A Side Bar Which Says Installed Templates,
    Click Visual C++ After That Click Win32 Console Application,
    After Clicking That Think Of A Hack Name For Your Hack,
    Then Click OK.

    1) You Most Probably See A Window Like This Pop-up Click Next.

    2) After Clicking Next You Will See This, Click Dll And Empty Project As So...Then Click Finish.

    3) Then Go To Project (On The Menu Near File , Edit And View ..Ect) And
    Click And New Item Or CTRL+shift+A , Then Click Cpp File And Name It Anything
    You Want Click Ok. And Make ur Dll(Some Hack Source Below)

    4) After All Of This Click The Little Button What Looks Like A Play Button It Is Called The Debug Button,
    Once Click It Will Debug And Build Your Cpp To A Dll You Will Get Messages Like This Click Yes On This One,

    5) And On This One Click Ok,

    There Should Be No Error's If Followed Correctly, Your Nearly Finished
    Go To Your Documents And Go To Your Compilers Projects There Should Be A Folder Called
    Debugged And In there Is Your Dll Inject With Any Injector (Which Works ) And Play Have Fun Or Release Your Hack

    [Tutorial Video]
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