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    ZTeam will start :)


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    ZTeam will start :) Empty ZTeam will start :)

    Post by [zT]sh_z_sektor on Sun Feb 20, 2011 12:24 pm

    Hey all yep it's time to start ZTeam and the VIP section and the hacks that will be in it.

    first i will start with we will make only for Operation7 for now we are working also in Crossfire and WR you will see them soon also CSS this site will be the best but now we won't accpet any mods you have to wait for us to make an apply thread and i hope the members that are Mods/admins now do good or they won't see the VIP and all those stuff so i'll make it simple we are going to code publics and for 1 game VIPs

    Operation7(VIP and also Publics)

    Other news:-

    we are going to make new section sunny

    it's Single player games section for single players only and there is going to be great hacks i made simple preview of our start and it's L4D

    Screen shot:
    ZTeam will start :) Aw3

    Click here for the video

    For more info contect the admins


    ZTeam will start :) Shzsektor2

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    ZTeam will start :) Empty Re: ZTeam will start :)

    Post by [zT]Admin_Ramo on Sun Feb 20, 2011 12:38 pm

    Good Work Ill work hard and try to get usf and psf premiums/vips but i wont be here this summer because im going on vacation all summer so hope u guys do good this year xD

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